Stock Precision (SP) offers services ranging from Hourly, Weekly to Monthly depending on each clients needs.  Those services are provided through templates that SP has created over 20 years of inventory management and from intense collaboration with your team.  SP will work with product development, purchasing, sales, finance & management to help ensure great alignment.

To start, SP signs all non disclosures and creates a safe Google Drive area to share data.  SP then aggregates data to set up items, item dependencies, customers, suppliers and dozens of other data points.  If a client already has this information available - it can be easily downloaded & entered.

Next, SP looks at past sales history from point of sale information and company sell In data.  This is utilized to create forecast series at the customer-SKU level.  These series are evaluated every month.  Next, SP looks at on hand & in transit stock information to understand potential stock outs in each sales channel.  Next, SP looks at your Open Purchase Orders to understand what stock commitment you have coming in from your suppliers.  This includes the purchase order number, order date, SKU, description, estimated time of departure (date), expected ship way, expected transit time and other information.  Finally, SP combines all of this information to create the Stock Equation.  This shows the current on hand, inbound, expected sales and resulting stock risks in a simple but powerful format.  The Stock Equation is the essential component to understanding & tying together stock planning for businesses with significant sales growth needing to quickly stabilize their business.

After the Stock Equation is built, every week or month it is updated & maintained so that users can see real stock risk & ways that the company aligns to eliminate it.

After the Stock Equation is built, additional features can be added.  These include:

  • Projected Purchase Orders and Forecasts for Vendors

  • Projected BOM assemblies / Finished Goods assemblies need (for assembly items & kits)

  • Projected Cash Flow

  • Revenue projections

  • COGS projections

  • Gross Profit projections

  • Other customized views & KPI's also available.


Advanced features are priced dependent on customer needs.

Pricing is customized for each customer & depends on project scope - typically related to the number of SKUs, Vendors, Customers (sales channels) and set up time required.  Pricing is based on hourly estimates & is typically significantly less than hiring staff or utilizing consultants with larger systems.