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Google Sheets! Make The Switch.

Excel to Google Sheets

It's Time To Switch

You've heard about Google Sheets long enough. You've probably even opened a few and wondered what all the fuss was about. The reality is if you're not moving over to Google Sheets now, you're just making your future adjustment that much harder.

But Why?

There are 3 main reasons why Google Sheets is better. It's important to note that no matter what reasons we list, someone will contradict it with "But what about this feature!" or "I heard Excel was doing this too!". All of those arguments are valid. Any feature that Google Sheets creates, Excel will (or has already) copy. The opposite is also true. The true reason people should switch is the inherent design & logic behind Google Sheets as a collaborative tool vs. Excel as a modeling tool.

Reasons to Make The Switch

  • Reason #1: Sharing

  • Reason #2: Security (yes, Google Sheets is safer)

  • Reason #3: Features

REASON #1: Sharing

There is simply no comparison when it comes to sharing data with Google Sheets. Admittedly, "yes", Excel has done a lot to catch up with sharing features and enabling collaboration, but everything Excel does is just a worse version of what Google Sheets has already done. The brutal truth is your organization isn't using the latest version of Excel (you're probably on Excel 2007 or 2010) and that version is light years behind.

With Google Sheets, you have a completely FREE application with all of the sharing features built-in and the added levels of sharing/security enabled. It seems like every quarter there is yet another sharing feature of Google Sheets that is seriously impressive. So let's talk about Security.

REASON #2: Security

Excel files get downloaded and data gets "shared" more than anyone ever wants to talk about. The nature of Excel is to make files, save As, share with someone, they save as, share back - lather rinse & repeat. This gets done so many times its incredibly difficult to remember what changes were made, by whom, why, and how they impact things.

With all of these files floating around, it is only a matter of time that someone saves a copy of something somewhere they shouldn't. Ultimately, anyone who has data security responsibility knows that accountability = security and letting so many people have access to so many versions of files on so many servers, personal computers & email accounts makes security virtually impossible.

With Google Sheets, all of that goes away. You can limit access, see prior access, and control things from 1 primary sheet. You can limit if people can download, edit, view, and many other features. With Excel, yes, you can password protect and mimic many features - but the traceability & tracking of Google Sheets is incredibly well thought out. It's a different thought process to an employee with "sticky fingers". With an excel file, they save to a thumb drive or cloud drive, you're left to try and A) figure out who took something and B) prove it. With Google Sheets, you can simply ask: "Why did you access this file on this date?" As well as "Did you mean to download this file to your hard drive? Why? Why not work on it in Google Sheets as I requested?" As a manager, 1 approach is light years easier & more effective.



For the most part, Excel and Google Sheets share many of the same features - but again there is a way that Google Sheets dominates. Google Sheets updates automatically! You don't have Excel 97, Excel 2003, Excel 2007, Excel 2010 nonsense to deal with. With Google Sheets, you get every single template, function, design improvement - in real-time.

Some of the features that Google puts out with Google Sheets are increasingly incredible. There is a translation feature that I just discovered. There are scripts & features that are extremely powerful. There's also many coders/programmers who are getting very good at Apps Scripts who can design a lot of what you need much, much faster than old school Excel Macros.

Conclusion - Just Do It!

Leaving Excel is tough. It feels like abandoning the first real tool must have ever learned to use on a computer - let alone in the world world. Quitting that is tough (for sure!). The benefits; however, significantly outweigh the costs once you start to get the handle of things. There was a push a long time ago that you still hear from time to time which was "Nobody should be using SpreadSheets in the Organization. Everything should be in the ERP system!" While that mantra is well intended, it is misinformed. You simply have to pull data down, look at it in a way you understand (and can explain to others) and spreadsheets are the best way to do that.

The beauty of Google Sheets is that it allows you to do that faster. Google Sheets is the first tool of its kind that has the power of Excel but the shareability of the Internet. Using Google Sheets pushes you to figure out how to get data from your ERP, summarize it quickly, share it quickly & move on. Excel, on the other hand, encourages you to build huge models - that I'd argue should *not* be built by individual employees without a consensus from the team.

It's time to make the switch. Time for you, your employees, your friends, your organization. Every time you make another Excel Sheet that only you will look at - you're wasting time.

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