Stock Precision provides low cost inventory management assistance for small to medium sized companies .  Many companies make the mistake of trying to implement large inventory management systems too early or hiring too large a staff too quickly.  This results in many inefficient meetings, spreadsheets & discussions that can cause a lot of frustration.  Stock Precision helps take control of inventory management and enables companies to focus on growing products & customers.  Then, using Stock Precision's tools & processes, companies can add in software and personnel on top of a foundation of strong stock control.

There is no magical system that will solve your inventory problems.  This is the number one mistake growing companies make when trying to get their inventory under control.  There are many, many excellent software solutions out there - but trying to put one in without first defining processes can be extremely challenging.  Stock Precision works differently.  Stock Precision breaks down inventory management into organized sections that allows your company to understand what is needed and how things tie together.  Then, when the time is right, companies can take those disciplines and put them directly into larger ERP systems.


There is also a risk to hiring people to solve your inventory problems.  When it comes to inventory management, if done incorrectly, the confusion / lack of clarity can be extremely challenging for inventory teams.  Companies typically look for the lowest cost / lowest skilled employees to take on inventory management.  Those junior employees can get frustrated, request excessive 1:1 time to get complicated questions answered and ultimately leave.  Stock Precision helps solve this problem by quickly giving companies a framework for managing stock.  Then, when the time is right, that framework leads directly to job descriptions with significant direction - ensuring when new employees are added they are guided in their roles & quickly add value.

Stock Equation

The core of Stock Precision is the Stock Equation tool.  It works by combining elements of Item Setup, Demand, Supply, On Hand Stock, Inbound Stock, Purchase Orders and other pieces in an extremely easy to understand format.  Team Members are given access to the tool so they can understand and/or contribute to stock management immediately while quickly understanding key pieces of the company's inventory needs.

If you are a growing CPG company with ambitious plans but have some of these questions - call or email to understand how Stock Precision can best help.

  • How much stock do we have?

  • When does the next purchase orders arrive and will we stock out before then?

  • What's our forecast for the upcoming months?  Do we need to reorder this quarter or next? 

  • How much can we sell this month without stocking out?  Should we allocate now?

  • Which warehouse / vessel / factory is our stock located and what's its ETD/ETA?

  • How do I get my suppliers to explain their shipping schedules in a way that means something?

  • What's our average sales per month?  By channel?  By SKU?

  • How many components do we have?  When can we build / assemble more?